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Welcome to Dress-Up.org! We love dressing up so much that we spend our time collecting all of the best dress up games from around the internet onto this one site for you to play. Every game on Dress-Up.org has been tested by us so you can be sure that we only feature the very games.

Whilst you are here why not take a look at our Dress Up Blog where you will find reviews of the latest dress up games released and ideas of how to style the characters in your games. So what are you waiting for? Put your creativity and good fashion sense to good use and get creating some stylish outfits for your characters to wear!

Newest Dress Up Games

Graceful Valentine Angel Dress Up
Graceful Valentine Angel Dress Up

Choose from a variety of beautiful valentine themed dresses and accessories to dress up the pretty Angel for valentines day. We think these outfits create a really romantic look.
2975 plays 2.16/5
Sky Breeze Loves Valentines Day Dress Up
Sky Breeze Loves Valentines Day Dress Up

Sky Breeze has plenty of clothes to create a cute valentines day look. Choose from some funky jeans and tops then choose from a selection of coordinating bags, shoes and accessories.
2870 plays 2.12/5
Valentines Fashion Dress Up
Valentines Fashion Dress Up

This girl has a wardrobe full of valentines day clothes but she can't decide what to wear. Help her choose a cute little outfit that will be just perfect for this year.
2866 plays 2.15/5

Do you prefer a quiet, romantic valentines day or a lively, fun night out on the town? Either way there are plenty of outfits to choose from for your valentines day night out in this dress up game.
3387 plays 2.13/5
Romantic Valentine Look Dress Up
Romantic Valentine Look Dress Up

Anime style dress up with a valentines day theme. Choose from a variety of hair and eye colors for the pretty doll and then choose coordinating outfits and hair accessories.
2757 plays 2.23/5
Valentines Day Party Dress Up
Valentines Day Party Dress Up

Choose from some cute pink and red outfits for a Valentines Day party. There are casual outfits as well as formal dresses to choose from and some cute accessories including teddies and balloons.
2576 plays 2.15/5

Top Rated Dress Up Games

Selena and Justin Hanging Out Dress Up
Selena and Justin Hanging Out Dress Up

Selena Gomez needs to get ready for a date with Justin Bieber. Choose whether they go to the Oscars or just out shopping together.
4667 plays 2.66/5
Tinker Bell Dress Up
Tinker Bell Dress Up

This is a lovely game featuring the fairy Tinker Bell. There are so many dresses, skirts and tops to choose from in this beautifully drawn game and you can even customize the background.
5331 plays 2.66/5
School Uniform Dress Up
School Uniform Dress Up

This game takes dress up one step further. Not only do you choose the school girl's clothes but you also design them! Excellent practice for budding fashion designers.
4082 plays 2.66/5
Beautiful Bride Wedding Ceremony Dress Up
Beautiful Bride Wedding Ceremony Dress Up

This lucky bride has access to some lovely wedding dresses and bridal accessories. Make sure she looks her best for her big day.
4468 plays 2.64/5
I Love London Dress Up
I Love London Dress Up

Dress up the doll in London themed clothes. How about a union jack dress and blue and red bracelets to match? Finish the look with a London umbrella and a London shopping bag. Perfect!
2162 plays 2.64/5
Pirate Dress Up
Pirate Dress Up

In this Pirates of the Caribbean inspired game you can change everything from Captain Jack Sparrow's hair to his boots then admire your work as he stands in front the Black Pearl.
6512 plays 2.63/5
Mother and Daughter Dress Up
Mother and Daughter Dress Up

This Mom and daughter need to choose some outfits to wear - you choose whether they coordinate or not! There are a choice of casual outfits to pretty dresses.
5709 plays 2.61/5
Sizzling Summer Dress Up
Sizzling Summer Dress Up

Choose from a variety of bikinis & swimming costumes for a day at the beach. Each bikini and swimming costume comes in a number of different colors and patterns for you to achieve any look you like.
5661 plays 2.61/5
Vampire Couple Dress Up
Vampire Couple Dress Up

Give the vampire couple some dark, vamp outfits to wear. Give them some dark eye make-up and accessorize with gothic jewelery. Then admire your work as they stand together under a full moon.
1903 plays 2.60/5
Emo Princess Fashionista Dress Up
Emo Princess Fashionista Dress Up

This emo princess would like to wear some cool, edgy clothes in shades of dark red, purple and black. Give her a cool asymmetrical haircut and finish of the look with chunky boots and accessories.
2796 plays 2.59/5

Dress Up Games

Dress up games are an extremely popular genre of game that are especially enjoyed by girls. They usually involve dressing a doll in various different outfits and costumes. This is usually done by using your mouse to drag and drop clothes onto the doll although, in some games, you may only need to click on an item of clothing for it to appear on the doll. In the best dress up games you will be able to fully customize the appearance of the doll featured in the game. For instance, it may be possible change the doll's eye color, make up, hair and skin tone.

Dress up games are lots of fun and are great for girls who love to be creative. They may also help with color coordination and fashion sense. At dress-up.org we love to take a screen shot of all our favorite creations so we can save our best work to view later and show to our friends!

A dress up game usually has a theme such as cheerleading, a shopping trip, a picnic in the park or dressing a bride ready for her big day. There are many different genres of dress up game available for you to play. We have written about our favorites below:

Wedding Dress Up

In a wedding dress up game you will be provided with either a bride or a groom (or both) to dress up in beautiful wedding dresses, suits and accessories. Wedding themed games are great to play if you are dreaming about what you might wear on your big day! There are many different themes of wedding dress up games available to play such as romantic wedding days in a garden setting, weddings by the sea and there are even gothic styled wedding themes.

Character Dress Up

Character dress up games feature much loved characters from TV programmes and movies. They may feature any character from Winnie the Pooh or Smurfette to Pirates of the Caribbean. They may also feature your favorite Disney, Twilight or Harry Potter character.

Anime Dress Up

Anime dress up games feature an anime style doll for you to dress. Anime is a Japanese style of drawing where the characters have a very distinctive cartoon style. These games are usually beautifully illustrated and you can create some really lovely outfits for your doll to wear.

Celebrity Dress Up

In Celebrity dress up games the featured doll is a well known celebrity. Games featuring celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Miley Cirrus are highly popular as are games featuring the singer Lady Gaga and the outrageous outfits she usually sports.

Fashion Dress Up

Fashion dress up games feature a simple doll that you can dress in all the latest fashion trends. Fashion games may have a theme such as back to school trends, beachwear or college clothes or they may feature styles from around the world such as those associated with New York, Paris and London.

Emo, Punk, Rock, Gothic and Vampire Dress Up

If you like alternative clothes then there are games where you can dress up a doll in emo, rock, vampire, gothic and punk clothes. The clothes featured in these games are usually black, various shades of grey, bright pink or dark purple. The hairstyles, chunky shoes and accessories in these games are particularly good and will really complete the look.

Couples Dress Up

In couples dress up you style a couple together. You can choose to coordinate the couples' outfits or choose outfits that look completely different from one another. These games usually involve dressing up either for a date or for a casual shopping trip out together and they sometimes feature celebrity couples or fictional couples such as Bella and Edward from Twilight.

Work Dress Up

In Work dress up games you dress your character so she is ready to go to work. The type of job could be anything from working in a supermarket or as a waitress to working as a graduate in an office. There are even games for chooseing an outfit to work as a horse, puppy or dolphin trainer or for working as an attendant in a theme park!

School Dress Up

In school dress up games you customize the clothes your character wears either to school or for a school sports team. There are many different school themed games such as back to school, school cheerleading team and even a sleeping in class game where you dress a sleeping schoolgirl! There are also games to choose clothers for a school teacher.

Fantasy Dress Up

Fantasy dress up games include dressing up pretty little fairies, princesses, mermaids and warrior girls. You can really let your imagination run wild whilst playing these charming games! We particularly love the chatacters' colorful background images featured in most fantasy themed games. Background images could be anything from an animated ocean scene for a mermaid or a serene garden scene with lots of flowers for a fairy. The backgrounds images really complement the hard work you have done and make the end-result look fantastic.

Party and Dance Dress Up

These games are all about getting ready to party and have a good time! In Party games you get your doll ready for a night out on the town in a nightclub or for a sophisticated evening party such as a cocktail party, a masquerade ball, a sweet 16 or an engagement party. There are many different styles of dance dress up games ranging from raves to ballet to salsa to styling a dance teacher ready for a big performance.

Seasonal Dress Up

Seasonal dress up games feature a doll to dress in clothes related to different times of the year. There are Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving and St Patrick's Day dress up games as well as games where you dress a doll for a summer vacation or a day out in the fall.

Make Up and Nails

Make Up games focus solely on make up and nails. In make up games you can usually choose different shades of eye make up, lipstick and blusher. This is great for anyone wanting to practice their make up skills as it really shows you how different make up changes the appearance of the dolls faces. In nail games you can choose the shape and color of the dolls nails and can even try your hand at some nail art.

Pet Dress Up

There are lots of pet dress up games, which feature many different types of animal such as pet dogs, cute little kittens, sweet little ponies and even pet turtles, zebras and lions.

Prom Dress Up

Prom dress up games feature a character to dress in a beautiful prom dress. These are great if you are in need of inspiration for your own prom day!

Babies Dress Up

If you love babies then you'll love baby dress up games. These games usually feature sweet little babies for you to dress in little baby gros and other cute baby outfits. Some games feature baby twins or little toddlers and young children with their mommies.

Sport Dress up

Sport dress up games involve getting the featured doll ready to do a particular sport. This may be any sport from running, going to the gym or doing yoga to tennis, skiing, bike riding, surfing and even Formula 1 race car driving.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide to the different genres of dress up games available for you to play. As you can see there is a dress up game for everybody. You can literally create millions of different looks for just about any occasion. The only limit is your imagination!

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